Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw Cold Saw G330
Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw Cold Saw G330
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The main performance characteristics OF Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw Cold Saw G330 for Cutting Metal: 

-- International famous brand components get precise measurement of tolerance
Length error < 0.15 mm
Feeding speed error < 0.10 mm
-- More working efficiency:
Automatic band sawing machine is suitable for sawing with large quantities of the same specifications, stable performance and high efficiency. It is 3 times replacement than ordinary sawing machine ‘s working efficiency.
-- Alternative operation mode
Button type control panel, sawing mode change flexible, manual and automatic combination;
-- PLC control
PLC controller, complete automatic sawing process,
- Double upright column structure, high stability;
- Stepless regulation speed adjustment



How to work of Band Saw Machine Metal Cutting Band Saw Cold Saw G330 for Cutting Metal?

Horizontal CNC type band saw machine hold the workpiece stationary while the blade swings down through the cut. This configuration is used to cut long materials such as pipe or bar stock to length.
CNC Horizontal band saw machine can work automatically after user set the length and pieces into PLC system.High efficiency and can offer a user experience like no other.
This automatic cnc band saw machine is fully guarded and is fitted with automatic shut down in the event of a blade breakage. The blade tensioning system has a tension indication gauge for accurate tensioning.



For high precision metal cutting, is the ideal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises and small workshops, usage is extensively.



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