High Speed Pipe Cutting Automatic Metal Cutting Hacksaw Band Sawing Machine
High Speed Pipe Cutting Automatic Metal Cutting Hacksaw Band Sawing Machine
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High Speed Pipe Cutting Automatic Metal Cutting Hacksaw Band Sawing Machine

Suitable Material
1. Suitable Shape: round bar,pipe, square tube, bar. H-beam,Hollow pipe
2. Suitable material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass et..

High-Speed-Pipe-Cutting-Automatic-Metal-Cutting-Hacksaw-Band-Sawing-Machine (3).jpgHigh-Speed-Pipe-Cutting-Automatic-Metal-Cutting-Hacksaw-Band-Sawing-Machine (2).jpg

Type Model Processing Range
Semi-auto GZ4230 OD300      Rectangular 300*300
GZ4233/40 OD330      Rectangular 330*400
GZ4235 OD350      Rectangular 350*400
GZ4240/50 OD400      Rectangular 400*500
GZ4245 OD450      Rectangular 450*500
GZ4250 OD500      Rectangular 500*500
GZ4260 OD600      Rectangular 600*600
GZ4265/70 OD650      Rectangular 650*700
GZ4270 OD700      Rectangular 700*700
GZ4280 OD800      Rectangular 800*800
GZ42100 OD1000     Rectangular 1000*1000
GZ42120 OD1200     Rectangular 1200*1200
GZ42150 OD1500     Rectangular 1500*1500
GZ42180 OD1800     Rectangular 1800*1800
GZ42200 OD2000     Rectangular 2000*2000
Rotating type G-300 0oOD300    Rectangular 400*300
45oOD280   Rectangular 250*300
60oOD250   Rectangular 250*180
G-400 0oOD400    Rectangular 550*400
45oOD400   Rectangular 400*400
60oOD400   Rectangular 400*250
Fully-auto SH260 OD260      Rectangular 260*260
SH330 OD330      Rectangular 330*350
SH350 OD350      Rectangular 350*400
SH400 OD400      Rectangular 400*450
SH500 OD500      Rectangular 500*500
Europe type BS-85 90oOD85    Rectangular 85*105
45oOD70    Rectangular 65*75
BS-100 90oOD100   Rectangular 100*150
45oOD60    Rectangular 60*100
BS-115 90oOD115   Rectangular 100*150
45oOD100   Rectangular 60*100
BS-712N 90oOD178   Rectangular 178*305
45oOD127   Rectangular 120*125
BS-912B 90oOD229   Rectangular 178*305
45oOD150   Rectangular 127*150
BS-280G 90oOD220   Rectangular 250*155
60oOD100   Rectangular 80*95
45oOD160   Rectangular 160*110
BS-315G 90oOD230   Rectangular 315*170
60oOD130   Rectangular 130*130
45oOD210   Rectangular 210*170
BS-315GH 90oOD230   Rectangular 315*170
60oOD130   Rectangular 130*105
45oOD210   Rectangular 210*170
BS-460G 90oOD330   Rectangular 460*250
60oOD205   Rectangular 205*250
45oOD305   Rectangular 305*250
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