Plastic Pet Preform Making Spoon Fork Injection Moulding Molding Machine
Plastic Pet Preform Making Spoon Fork Injection Moulding Molding Machine
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Plastic Pet Preform Making Spoon Fork Injection Moulding Molding Machine

There are many types of materials that may be used in the injection molding process. Most polymers may be used, including all thermoplastics, some thermosets, and some elastomers. When these materials are used in the injection molding process, their raw form is usually small pellets or a fine powder. Also, colorants may be added in the process to control the color of the final part. The selection of a material for creating injection molded parts is not solely based upon the desired characteristics of the final part. While each material has different properties that will affect the strength and function of the final part, these properties also dictate the parameters used in processing these materials. Each material requires a different set of processing parameters in the injection molding process, including the injection temperature, injection pressure, mold temperature, ejection temperature, and cycle time. A comparison of some commonly used materials is shown below (Follow the links to search the material library).

SPECIFICATIONS   PET1200-570 PET1500-630 PET2100-680 PET3100-730
Screw diameter MM 67 75 83 95
Screw L/Dratio L/D 25 25 25 25
Theoretical shot volume cm3 1004 1325 1893 2693
Shot weight(PS) g 1135 1537 2196 3124
Max screw speed rpm 163 164 100 122
Clamping force   2200 2700 3000 3600
Opening stroke KN 485 550 590 660
Distance between tie bars mm 570x520 630x580 680x680 730x680
Movable platen size mm 840x790 920x870 985x1050 1040x990
Max mold height mm 550 620 700 830
Min mold height mm 200 230 250 280
Ejector stroke mm 160 180 180 210
Ejector force mm 99 137 184 182
Number of ejector pins KN 4+1 12+1 12+1 12+1
Motor power KW 25 30 37 45
Heating capacity KW 20.5 27.5 33.5 41.5
Machine dimension m 6.3x1.6x1.87 6.92x1.74x2.1 7.5x1.85x2.12 7.9x1.9x2.2
Machine weight t 7.8 9.5 12.6 15.6
Oil tank capacity L 450 500 550 800

 Plastic-Pet-Preform-Making-Spoon-Fork-Injection-Moulding-Molding-Machine (2).jpgPlastic-Pet-Preform-Making-Spoon-Fork-Injection-Moulding-Molding-Machine (3).jpgPlastic-Pet-Preform-Making-Spoon-Fork-Injection-Moulding-Molding-Machine (4).jpg

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