Q12130-III Electric Beveller High Efficiency Electric Pipe Elbow End Beveling Machine
Q12130-III Electric Beveller High Efficiency Electric Pipe Elbow End Beveling Machine
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Q12130-III Electric Beveller High Efficiency Electric Pipe Elbow End Beveling Machine

Machine function:

  The machine is suitable for power plants, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding and other industries in the manufacturing pipe fittings, pipe installation units to use, is the key equipment fittings before welding production and pipeline construction pipeline processing. 
  The beveling machine can be configured with different fixtures, can be processed φ508 ~ φ1168 (20 "~ 46") of straight pipe and elbow pipe end beveling; cutterhead with knife angle greater than 14 mm in wall thickness can be processed high-pressure pipelines; angle knife by adjusting the position of the different diameter cutting drive by the differential mechanism; clamping device using the platform structure and flexible clamping range can expand the processing and reduce tube deformation; pipe alignment using the power head and left hand moves clamp down electric lift platform approach; electrical centralized actions on various operating the machine control box, convenient and reliable。

Main technical parameter:

1、Motor power:N=11KW 
2、Cutterhead speed: 23、35、70、107、121、184rpm  6positions
3、Processing range: pipediameter 508-1168mm wallthickness 10-100mm 
4、Angle kinfe frame regulation range:between 0-37.5
5、Differential speed automatic feeding spdde:400 mm/r 
6、Frequency conversion speed regulation axis movement speed:±313mm/min Electric 
7、Clamp working platform:1740x1740x130mm 
8、Processing beveling type:Single V、Double V、U etc. 
9、Cutterhead diameter: D=1300mm 
10、Lathe central height:H=1520mm


The Elbow beveling machine has the features of unique design,compact structure,beautiful look and convinent to operate.It is ideal equipment for chamfering metal right angle elbow end.The products processed by the machine are complying with relavant elbow beveling standard.


Elbow beveling machine can be used for treatment of pipes material:carbon steel,stainless steel and alloys.Cold cutting process will not influence the quality of the material of the pipe.The machine is safe,convenient and widely-used,and it is a ideal pipe end beveling processing equipment


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