Q1280-II Electric Beveller Cnc Pipe Beveling Machine Groove Cutting Machine
Q1280-II Electric Beveller Cnc Pipe Beveling Machine Groove Cutting Machine
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Machine function:

  Q1280-II Electric Beveller is to learn the advantages of various pipe beveling machine design and production needs of each user for diameter 159-800 mm, wall thickness of 10-180 mm of straight pieces of pipe beveling。
   This machine is the key equipment of pipe end beveling pipes before welding, the machine has a powerful force and the operation is convenient and flexible. Durable. Output power head gear change through fourth gear turret spindle speed and feed rate of three differential, power head with a knife after an electric rapid retreat institutions, differential feed can be used alone or simultaneously; mounting angle of the knife on the plate turret 0 ° ~ 37.5 ° arbitrary regulation; bed upon installation of electric vertical feed, manual lateral alignment adjustment mechanism, bed and pallet components, electric longitudinal feed have fast-forward and work into two kinds of progress, two speeds available working alone or together simultaneously or reverse; this machine adopts the workpiece holder and V-drive bracket attached to the work place, electric lift up and down adjustment, manual adjustment of the lateral alignment, hydraulic lifting clamp fittings, maximum cutting 5 to 8 mm to ensure slope export processing quality, comes rolling bracket, using a longer pipe support, looking up and down-regulated centers; electrical components installed in a dedicated electrical box, install the operating element suspended operations in the box, the machine can console each action operation.

Main technical parameter:

1、Motor power:N=7.5KW 
2、Cutterhead speed:31、59、86、161rpm  4positions
3、Processing range:Pipe diameter 159- 800mm Pipe wall thickness 10-180mm 
4、Angle kinfe frame regulation range:Between 0-37.5 
5、Lateral movement stroke:400mm   Lateral adjustment amount:±50mm 
6、Axial fast feed rate:±302mm/min Electric
7、Groove forms can be processed:Single V, double V, U, X-type 
8、Cutter diameter:D=850mm 
9、Machine Center High:H=1150mm


The Elbow beveling machine has the features of unique design,compact structure,beautiful look and convinent to operate.It is ideal equipment for chamfering metal right angle elbow end.The products processed by the machine are complying with relavant elbow beveling standard.


Elbow beveling machine can be used for treatment of pipes material:carbon steel,stainless steel and alloys.Cold cutting process will not influence the quality of the material of the pipe.The machine is safe,convenient and widely-used,and it is a ideal pipe end beveling processing equipment


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