Y Double-Elbow Beveller Steel Tube Ends Beveling Machine Pipe Butt Welding Chamfering Machine
Y Double-Elbow Beveller Steel Tube Ends Beveling Machine Pipe Butt Welding Chamfering Machine
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Y Double-Elbow Beveller Steel Tube Ends Beveling Machine Pipe Butt Welding Chamfering Machine

Machine function

  The Hydraulic bend double-headed Beveling Machine is suitable for cutting metal to rightangel,bend end,bevel for oil field,pipe fitting factory,large-scale chemical plant,smelting plant,boatyard,ect.our machine is the ideal equipment for these factories.The Y series double headed bend vevler has the features of umipue desing,compact structuer,beautiful look and convenience to operate.The products processde by the mchine are comply with relevant elbow beveling standard such as our national and the US. This machine drives strongly,cut quickly ,and works ,efficienty,it contains novel-structured flosting sutter support,well and truly oriented work piece clamp snd qualified excellent hydraulic feed lock device to ensure the movement safely snd reliable.There are three cutters vor each clamp disk,they serve fr differ rent range of work and  can work atthe same tiome to insure the effective cutting,the outer ann ulus,the inner hole and the planc each has a cutting tool,they can working at the same time.So,that had guaranteed effectively the work piece cutting is highly effective,and the formation is standard,satissfies the request which fully under the high-rate cutting works.The hydraulic pressure to feed quantity may act according to the cutting velocity and caliber size wall thickness,adjusts willfully.The sliding table to ensure quick forward/baceward movement of the work piece on the slipway,so the movement is safe and reliable. 

Main technical parameter

Product Model YWD5-4008A YWD5-5016A YWD5-5024A
Processing range Φ65~Φ220mm Φ219~Φ426mm Φ426~Φ630mm
Work piece 1.5DN90︒ the bend of tube
Motor power 4kw960 r/min 7.5kw960 r/min 11kw960 r/min
S pindle speed 125~630r/min 40~250r/min 9psitions 32~200r/min 9psitions
Cutterhead diameter Φ300 Φ500 Φ700
Angle knife frame regulation range -- -5o~+30o -5o~+30o
Differential speed automatic feeding speed -- 0~0.17 mm/r 0~0.17 mm/r
Lengthways automatic feeding speed The bidirectional hydraulic pressure enters the power to enter the auto-feed quickly
Feeding organ Cutting-tool automatic feed
Work piece clamp The hydraulic cylinder piston rod pinched
Processing beveling type V
Cutting -tool model Yw1 91905C machinery clamp cutterhead
Lathe weight(gross weight) 5T 5.5T 8T
Lathe centeral height 201mm 280mm 358mm
Clamp type Φ76~Φ219 Φ219~Φ426 Φ426~Φ630
Note: need to add clamp can ve customized


The Elbow beveling machine has the features of unique design,compact structure,beautiful look and convinent to operate.It is ideal equipment for chamfering metal right angle elbow end.The products processed by the machine are complying with relavant elbow beveling standard.


Elbow beveling machine can be used for treatment of pipes material:carbon steel,stainless steel and alloys.Cold cutting process will not influence the quality of the material of the pipe.The machine is safe,convenient and widely-used,and it is a ideal pipe end beveling processing equipment


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